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Mikkee the Martian: Book One Mikkee Arrives

Mikkee the Martian arrives on earth for a period of research and relaxation. He makes friends with twins Billy and Jilly Watson. After parking his spaceship, Mikkee explains some of his special powers, including teleportation. Mikkee uses some of these when finding lodgings with Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong. The next day, the three meet and are soon involved in an exciting adventure of chasing a gang of bank robbers. Again using his special powers, Mikkee is able to help capture the robbers and bring them to justice.

Mikkee the MartianBook Two The Tiger and the Fair

Mikkee the Martian and the twins meet up the next day, after their first exciting adventure. Mrs. Watson has arranged for the trio to visit the local fair.


Billy is cheated on a sideshow, but Mikkee turns the tables with the stall holder. Jilly tries hard at winning a prize. After enjoying the rides, the three discover an escaped tiger has led to panic in the fairground and a couple have been stranded on a ride.


Mikkee effects a rescue. Mikkee, with the twin’s help, captures the tiger and brings it safely back to its cage.

Mikkee the MartianBook Three The Ghost and the House

Mikkee the Martian and the twins are watching a TV program about ghost hunting. Billy does not believe in ghosts, but Mikkee knows otherwise. He invites the twins to visit a haunted house. There they meet the ghost and hear an evil story of how he was left to roam the earth. Mikkee summons a higher authority, finds a solution to the ghost’s problems, and solves a murder mystery over a hundred years old.

Mikkee the MartianBook Four The King and the Castle

It’s the weekend, and Mr. Watson has arranged for Mikkee the Martian and the twins to visit an ancient castle. Billy is not amused. On arriving, they are escorted by a pompous guide through a tour of the castle. Mikkee sees the ghost of the king leaning against the entrance. He gives the twins the power to see him too. The king acts the clown and makes fun of the guide. The twins find this all very funny and are told off by their father, who, of course, cannot see the ghost. The king shows Mikkee a secret room upstairs and a secret passage in the kitchen. The three follow this to a smugglers’ cave, and Jilly finds some treasure.

Mikkee the MartianBook Five A Visit to the TV Studios

Billy wins a competition to visit a TV studio, where an episode of Space Quest is being filmed.

Jilly meets her heartthrob. Billy gets to pilot a spaceship. Mikkee saves the production by using his special powers. The twins get an award, and Mikkee makes a promise.

Mikkee the Martian: Book Six A Visit to Mars

True to his promise, Mikkee takes the twins, Billy and Jilly, for a trip to Mars.

The planet holds many surprises, including how it really looks.

The twins learn all about the Martian life and how there are many secrets about a life on Mars, including the pastimes and recreations of its inhabitants.

Mikkee the Martian: Book Seven Santa and the Genie

Mikkee and the twins go to a pantomime and then meet a real genie.
The trio visit Santa’s grotto and then his real workshop.
Jilly pets the reindeer, and the twins go on a sleigh ride in the sky.
Billy and Jilly receive some surprise Christmas presents.